Reconciliation and rock & roll

The Kosovo conflict has left Mitrovica divided. Albanians live south of the river Ibar, Serbs in the north.

The Mitrovica Rock School connects Serb and Albanian teenagers through music. It brings back a music tradition that makes both sides proud. And it invests in the city's young people.

We stand for quality education in popular music, teaching employable skills, and putting the "rock" back in "Rock City."

We restore Mitrovica's proud music heritage, together.


What we do

  • Daily music lessons with teachers crossing between the two sides
  • Remix Band Program for ethnically mixed bands
  • Training weeks with students and teachers from both sides of Mitrovica
  • In-house training: exchanges between senior and junior teachers from north and south Mitrovica, and in-house traineeships for motivated students


Jelena, singer, songwriter and guitarist
“This project encourages young people from both sides of the bridge to look past their differences and connect via music.”


Blerta, singer and songwriter
“This project is helping me and my community by being the only interactive space on both sides of the bridge with all the necessary components to enable young talents evolve into superstars, and by working together through all the difficult situations, into super humans!”



Annual reports