By Marina

Marina (17) is a student of the Mitrovica Rock School and the front woman of mixed punk rock band Feed D Fury. She's also talented writer and supports the Rock School with blogs about our activities.

Originaly posted on a musicians without borders website.

Every time our students from the North visit the South Branch for the first time they leave amazed because of all the colorful illustrations on the walls of the school. And so they have decided to do one great thing together in order to make their school hallway look just as pretty, and to also, as they say, “freshen the school up a bit.”

Each band from the North gave money, and together they gathered enough of it for an awesome graffiti of our infamous Mitrovica Rock School logo. All the work was done by a talented graffiti artist Endo, who clearly did an amazing job since all the students totally love this new hallway look. And when it comes to us, we’re certainly very thankful to have such lovely students and to have such a nice looking peace of artwork in our school.

Our south branch hosts the offices of pioneering street art organization Futja Ngjyrë, who have used our school as their canvas since 2016.



Originally posted on a musicians without borders website.

Mixed Mitrovica Rock School band Proximity Mine will perform at leading rock club Rockuzinë in Pristina on March 15, 2018, from 9 p.m.

At the event, the band will celebrate the release of their latest music video, Set Me Free, recorded, edited and produced by HATCHED-MV in support of our Mitrovica Rock School. Proximity Mine is set to record its first album this year.

For more information, please see the Facebook event.

The Mitrovica Rock School will organize a bus from Mitrovica to the event and back. For more information, please email us at



Originally posted on a musicians without borders website.

Mitrovica Rock School band Proximity Mine will headline the closing event of the Grant Makers East Forum in Vienna, Austria.

Proximity Mine is an up and coming band from Mitrovica, Kosovo, led by front woman Ilda Krama and lead guitarist Alem Redzepagic. Their songs combine Ilda’s background in indie, pop and alternative with Alem’s love for metal. The band met at the Mitrovica Rock School in 2016 and will record their first album this year.

With members from three different ethnic groups and both sides of the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica, Proximity Mine crosses all musical and social borders and gives a voice to the young people of southeast Europe.

Proximity Mine has won over audiences at Mitrovica Rock School concerts in Macedonia and Kosovo, and recently gave an exclusive acoustic concert at the beautiful Hotel Gracanica, but this will be their first time to perform in the EU.

Prior to the concert, the band will have two days in Vienna to record a music video with film maker Stuart Jolley-Socea of Hatched-MV, and meet with key actors in former Yugoslavia from Austria and beyond.

Proximity Mine is crowdfunding for its first album, and you can still help them reach their goal, any amount helps.