Micro-trailer 6 #Music Connects documentary: 2019 Skopje Summer School

Micro-trailer 5 #Music Connects documentary: It All Comes Together

Micro-trailer 4 #Music Connects documentary: Roma Rock School & Enterprise

Micro trailer 3 #MusicConnects documentary: The Story Continues

Micro trailer 2 #MusicConnects documentary: 10 years Mitrovica Rock School

Micro trailer 1 #MusicConnects documentary: 2018 Band Camp

High Frequency – Star

Aesthetic Mess – Bad Roses

Proximity Mine – Set Me Free

2017 Skopje Summer School

Rootless – Fantasy

Neverland – You Don’t Care

Proximity Mine – I’m Sorry Mom

Sublime 6 – Battery (Unplugged)

Akasha – Fire (Unplugged)

High Frequency – No Way Out (Live)

Proximity Mine – MWAH (Live)

2016 Remix Band Camp

2015 Remix Band Camp

The Artchitects: Let It Go

The Artchitects: Bottletops (unplugged)

The Suck of Spychotic: Lost In Love

Astral Dreamers: Scream

Sublime 6: The Animals

Sublime 6: My Desire (unplugged)

Wendy Hassler-Forest at TEDx Tirana