House Rules

  • Discrimination

    As an institute that aims to promote peace and tolerance through music, the dissemination of ideas or materials with a discriminatory, offensive or political message or ideas or materials that incite nationalism or hatred is strictly prohibited.

  • Education/attendance

    Students will be obliged to follow the program set out by the Mitrovica Rock School. This means that students should attend all agreed classes. If a student is unable to attend a class, this should be reported by the student or his or her parent at least one day in advance. Absentee notices through friends or band members will not be accepted.

  • Working hours

    The Mitrovica Rock School’s working hours are from 16:00 to 21:00 hours, from Monday to Friday. Students may schedule extra-curricular rehearsals with the branch trainees, both during regular working hours and on weekends and on holidays.

    Band rehearsals or any other loud activity should end by 22:00 hours at the latest and may not start before 11:00 hours.

  • Membership fee

    Students are obliged to pay the agreed monthly membership fee. Membership fees should be paid between the 1st and the 10th of every month. Students who are unable to pay the monthly fees are eligible for “scholarships.” Scholarships are small jobs within the Rock School that enable students to earn the money needed to pay the membership fee.

  • Parents/Mitrovica Rock School relations

    Parents and guardians are welcome to visit school at any time and are invited to obtain information by phone or email. We will provide parents and guardians with their child’s schedule of classes upon request. All parents of Rock School students have the right to join the parent boards, to advise the school’s management and teacher team and help with the organization of events. As an organization that makes the overall well-being of our students a priority, we encourage parents to play an active role in our students education.

The Mitrovica Rock School team thanks you for respecting our house rules.

  • Safeguarding/Child Protection

    Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures are in place to recognize, prevent, and address conduct that is harmful to our participants. If you experience or learn of any conduct on the part of a teacher, trainer, fellow student or other person or group that concerns you or that is perceived or experienced as bullying, harassment, or any form of abuse, please bring it to our attention. The primary points of contact are directors Emir Hasani and Milizza Kosova, but you may also speak to a teacher. We will treat your concerns with the sensitivity they deserve. The Mitrovica Rock School declares its Safeguarding Policy and Procedures applicable to all its activities, staff and students.

    The Mitrovica Rock School has established these house rules with the aim to protect the members, activities and good repute of Mitrovica Rock School. For this reason, we will have the right to sanction any disregard of these rules through suspension, expulsion and/or a claim for damages.

  • Bullying & Harassment

    Mitrovica Rock School is committed to fostering safe, supportive work environments in which staff and volunteers can thrive and do their best work. We believe all personnel have a right to be protected from bullying and harassment of any kind. If any staff member, student-trainee, volunteer, or trainer experiences or learns of any conduct perceived as bullying or harassment, please speak up. The primary points of contact are directors Emir Hasani and Milizza Kosova, but you may also speak to a teacher. The Mitrovica Rock School declares its Bullying & Harassment Policy and Procedures applicable to everyone who works in any capacity at our school. You may also file an anonymous complaint via this link:

  • Equipment

    Students of the Mitrovica Rock School will be responsible for the care of the instruments and equipment the use, to keep the space and instruments clean, and to put instruments back in their place after use (cables, microphones, guitars), preparing the rooms for subsequent use. Teachers shall ensure that equipment is used correctly and will carry out inspections from time to time; they will report any damage to management. Any intentional damage to or destruction of property of Mitrovica Rock School will be recovered from the person that caused the damage (cost of repair or replacement, to be decided by the Mitrovica Rock School).

  • Hygiene

    All members of the Mitrovica Rock School will be expected to keep the school and all its facilities clean. After use of the toilet or kitchen, members will be required to leave the facilities in a clean and tidy condition. Trash should be deposited in the school’s trash can, and full garbage bags should be deposited in the outside garbage containers.

  • Cigarettes/alcohol/drugs

    Smoking is prohibited inside the school. Smoking is discouraged but will be tolerated in the school courtyard on the condition that the courtyard is kept clean and neighbors are not disturbed. Cigarette butts and empty cigarette packs should be fully put out and deposited in the trash can.

    It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol or drugs inside the school and on school premises. If any such use is discovered, the school staff will contact the relevant student’s parents and, where appropriate, the police. With due observance of local law, the consumption of alcohol by minors and any consumption of drugs at Rock School concerts and events is strictly prohibited and will result in appropriate action, possibly including though not limited to suspension or expulsion from the school, expulsion from events and/or the involvement of parents or the police.