Demand-driven learning

At the Mitrovica Rock School, we gear our program towards what you want to learn. Because different musicians want to learn different things, you can choose from different packages. Check out our offer, and choose the best way to rock and roll for you!

What can you learn at the Rock School?

  • Playing in a band
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Vocals
  • Recording and sound engineering

What can you play at the Rock School?

Whatever you want! No folk, no classical obviously, probably not jazz (but hey, we don’t mind). Other than that, you’re cool. Punk? You’re at the right place. Rap? Yes, please. Indie? Of course! Rock and roll? Hell yes!

Join the Mitrovica Rock School!

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The Mitrovica Rock School is a non-profit organization. All income generated by our activities goes to the cost of the school, to reduce donor dependency and keep lessons affordable for our students.