Demand-driven learning

At the Mitrovica Rock School, we gear our program towards what you want to learn. Because different musicians want to learn different things, you can choose from different packages. Check out our offer, and choose the best way to rock and roll for you!

What can you learn at the Rock School?

  • Playing in a band
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Vocals
  • Recording and sound engineering

What can you play at the Rock School?

Whatever you want! No folk, no classical obviously, probably not jazz (but hey, we don’t mind). Other than that, you’re cool. Punk? You’re at the right place. Rap? Yes, please. Indie? Of course! Rock and roll? Hell yes!

Join the Mitrovica Rock School!

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The Mitrovica Rock School is a non-profit organization. All income generated by our activities goes to the cost of the school, to reduce donor dependency and keep lessons affordable for our students.


Need to make money to pay your student fee? Ask your teacher about scholarships. A scholarship is a small job; the money from that job is for the student fee. Your teacher knows the procedure and can help you get signed up.

KRIM Club space rental

The KRIM Club with Mitrovica Rock School stage can be rented for concerts and events. For more information, please contact:
Goran Vucetic
E: [email protected]

Price list

Rock School Packages

for ages 11-25, all levels (absolute beginner to advanced)

Try-out Lesson
Introductory lesson in one or more instruments for ages 12-25
Full Package
2 hours of band coaching + 30 minutes of instrument skills lesson per week plus optional theory*
€ 7.50
per month
Band Package
Includes 2 hours of band coaching per week
€ 5.00
per month
Skills Package
(good for beginners!):
30 minutes of instrument skills lesson per week plus optional theory*
€ 5.00
per month
Second Skill
30-minute second instrument skills lesson per week
€ 2.00
per month

* Music theory classes are mandatory for our students in Level 1 (Beginner), but usually theory is integrated in your skills lesson
** Extra band practice and skills lessons can be made by special agreement with your manager and/or teachers
*** Participation in the mixed band program and mixed workshops is free.

Private Lessons

for all ages, all levels

Single lesson, 45 minutes € 10
Four lessons, 45 minutes each € 30
Band coaching for non-Rock School bands, 1.5 hour by 1 professional coach
Concert preparations, perfecting own songs, developing own “sound” or just to get the band back into shape.
€ 20
Workshops and master classes, for groups or individuals On demand

Rental Services

Rent of professional rehearsal room
(incl. PA, drum set, bass amp, 2 guitar amps)

Standard price – 1 hour
Standard price – 2 hours
Discount price – 1 hour ****
Discount price – 2 hours ****
€ 6
€ 10
€ 3
€ 5
Rent of instruments and equipment
Rent of 1 extra instrument for band practice inside Rock School (2 hours) € 3
Rent of drum set or keyboard for concert
€ 15
Rent of amplifier for concert (half-day) € 15
Rent of Rock School PA system (half-day) € 50

*** Rock School students may be granted special discounts or free use by agreement with the branch manager and/or teachers
**** The discount rate is granted to bands who contribute to our mission of restoring the rock music heritage of Mitrovica with their style, initiative and level of activity


Studio per hour (three-hour minimum) € 12
10 hours in studio € 100
Production per song € 30
Production of 10 songs € 250
Package: 10-hour day in studio + production of all songs (max. 10) € 300

The Rock School may, but is never obliged to, grant discounts or agree to alternative arrangements for studio time and production.