ElectraHeart: “Girls run everything!”

By Mitrovica Rock School communications trainee Marina

ElectraHeart is a mixed band from Mitrovica Rock School. They consist of five members: singer and songwriter Rina, guitarist and backing vocalist Tringa, Jelena, who plays bass in this band, guitarist Egzon and drummer Baton. They are a dream team of talented and musically educated young Mitrovica people whose dreamy pop rock sound is incredibly fresh and recognizable.

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Mixed Rock School band releases debut album


Originally posted on musicianswithoutborders.org

12 January 2019

Southeast Europe’s first rock school, the Mitrovica Rock School, is excited to announce the release of the debut album “Voices” from the band High Frequency. Made up of Albanian and Serb youth from the divided city of Mitrovica and a lead singer from Skopje, Macedonia, the album is the first from an ethnically-mixed band to come out of the school, since its founding in 2008.

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Mixed band High Frequency records album

By communications trainee Marina (18), front woman of mixed band Feed D Fury.

On December 20, mixed band High Frequency went to Skopje to record their first studio album.

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Ending the year by rocking out Gracanica

By communications trainee Marina (18), front woman of mixed band Feed D Fury.

On December 28, four mixed bands headed to Gracanica for a final concert of the year.

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Our year in 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we like to reflect on the lessons we learned over the past year.

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Our favorite stories from the October training week

Every other month, we at the Rock School organize a training week. A chance for the students to meet and work together; trainings are filled with mixed band rehearsals, sound engineering workshops, songwriting workshops and vocal workshops. This last October, we had the chance to learn from different band coaches and professors from the Mitrovica Rock School and Fontys Rockacademie. Read more

We’re 10 years old!

On October 12 and 13, the Mitrovica Rock School celebrated its tenth anniversary, with concerts at our branches in north and south Mitrovica. Read more

Documentary clip “Music Connects: The Real School of Rock”

The first sneak peek into the full-length documentary being produced HATCHED-MV on our #MusicConnects project. Read more

Workshops at the Rock School

The Mitrovica Rock School organizes weekly workshops at both branches where members get to work with other teachers and connect over more challenging material than during their regular lessons. Below is a report on three of our September 2018 workshops, by PR trainee Tringa. Read more


A look into the day to day of the Skopje Summer School from the point of view of Proximity Mine’s guitarist, Tringa. Enjoy! Read more