How music connected people in 2019

We start the new year by reflecting on the lessons we learned over the past year.

2019 was a year of new beginnings and growth:

  • We cemented new partnerships with Roma Rock School and Music School Enterprise in Skopje, giving our students the chance to connect with young musicians in the region
  • We held our first summer school in Shuto Orizari, Skopje
  • We formed five new ethnically mixed bands, while five more continued to work together, all writing original songs
  • We established Mitrovica’s first shared recording studio

While our city remains divided, our music scene is not. This year and every year since 2008, we have lived our motto Music Connects.

We thank all who have supported the Mitrovica Rock School over the past eleven years. You have helped us offer over 1.300 youth a life-changing experience.

2019 in numbers

  • 338 young musicians participated in 3.466 skills lessons and band coaching sessions. 112 of these musicians were from Mitrovica, 190 from Music School Enterprise and 36 from Roma Rock School
  • 15 ethnically mixed bands (10 from Mitrovica, 5 from Skopje) held 189 rehearsals and gave 17 concerts
  • Some 2.800 parents and friends attended mixed bands concerts in Mitrovica and Skopje
  • 18 Mitrovica staff, 10 of whom are (former) students, and 9 Skopje staff participated in training sessions with Fontys Rockacademie and Musicians Without Borders
  • 30 inter-ethnic workshops year-round: teachers work with inter-ethnic groups on both sides of Mitrovica
  • Students participated in 106 sound engineering sessions and studio days in Mitrovica and Skopje, where mixed bands recorded the songs they wrote together
  • 6 teachers and 9 students of Fontys Rockacademie worked at project locations, as well as one external band coaching expert.

Documentary on Music Connects

Film house Hatched-MV is producing a feature documentary on Music Connects, which will be released this year. You’ll hear more about this very soon! In the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer here.

The Mitrovica Rock School thanks you for your ongoing support. We’re more than ready for 2020. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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