The July training week through the eyes of Jana, our new communications trainee

Hi! My name is Jana, I’m the new communications trainee at Mitrovica Rock School. I’m also a drummer at for the band Algorithm and a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I’m here to tell you about the July training week. It was my first time in a mixed band, so I was very excited for the training and rehearsals throughout the week. At first, my band was called ‘band 3’, but we ended up calling ourselves Algorithm.

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“Helping people find the same tools to express their thoughts and emotions that saved me all those years ago.”

A blog by Rockacademie graduate and trainer Eefje Wevers

Roughly ten years ago, I decided I would apply to the Rockacademie in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I’d discovered that music let me express myself in ways nothing else could. Having been bullied for most of my childhood, I grew into a sad and insecure teen. Playing in bands were some of the happiest moments I had at that age. I felt safe and free in the rehearsal rooms with friends and teachers. I didn’t much like being on stage, scared that everyone in the audience would laugh at me over the smallest mistake, but the urge to share music always won out over the anxiety.

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Friends behind the camera: Interview with Music Connects filmmaker Stuart Jolley-Socea

Stuart is a filmmaker and video producer from England, an interviewer, and a massive music fan. One of the founders of Hatched-MV, a music video and documentary production duo, Stuart has supported the Mitrovica Rock School by producing the video for Proximity Mine’s Set Me Free, and is now working on the feature documentary Music Connects: The Real School of Rock.

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“Music is the best tool for breaking stereotypes and prejudice”

An interview with Roma Rock School founder Alvin Salimovski

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“We were always proud to be part of the Rock School”: interview with MWB’s Wendy Hassler-Forest

“The town is made by its people and for that Mitrovica is probably my favorite place to be. “

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“Nothing was the same”: singer Ilda talks about joining the Rock School

“I made friends for life. The guy that scared me the first day is now like my older brother.”

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“People here are more invested in the people around them”

Communications trainee Marina interviewed Fontys Rockacademie students Eefje Wevers and Bo Knippels (Netherlands) on their experience in Mitrovica

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ElectraHeart: “Girls run everything!”

By Mitrovica Rock School communications trainee Marina

ElectraHeart is a mixed band from Mitrovica Rock School. They consist of five members: singer and songwriter Rina, guitarist and backing vocalist Tringa, Jelena, who plays bass in this band, guitarist Egzon and drummer Baton. They are a dream team of talented and musically educated young Mitrovica people whose dreamy pop rock sound is incredibly fresh and recognizable.

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Mixed Rock School band releases debut album


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12 January 2019

Southeast Europe’s first rock school, the Mitrovica Rock School, is excited to announce the release of the debut album “Voices” from the band High Frequency. Made up of Albanian and Serb youth from the divided city of Mitrovica and a lead singer from Skopje, Macedonia, the album is the first from an ethnically-mixed band to come out of the school, since its founding in 2008.

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